Mite Mitreski

About me

I'm Mite Mitreski an engineering director in Stockholm working for Klarna on making smooth buying products. Working togheter with amaizing teams have been part of building Klarna Checkout, Klarna Payments, Merchant Card Services as well as helping grow and estublish all other merchant pruchase products. Was previously running Java User Group Macedonia (JugMK) organizing events where I also was the Jug Leader. My first book that I co-authored is called HTML 5 Data and Services Cookbook . I give trainings on Oracle Certified courses for Java EE/SE as well as customized training on related technologies as well as JavaScript. I often speak on conferences and universities about topics I work with and find interesting. While back in Macedonia, I was involved in local software communities like hacklab KIKA and the Macedonian section of IEEE as well as helping out with Voxxed and the vJug.

Speaking engagments

Date Event Title
2.June.2017 Voxxed Days Singapore Getting all the 99.99(9) you always wanted
12.Nov.2015 Devoxx, Antwerpen Belgium 2015 Updates to the Java API for JSON Processing for Java EE 8 with Alex Soto
2.Oct.2015 Voxxed days Belgrade, Serbia Microservice and distributed systems decoupling patterns
5.June.2015 EOUS summit, Lisbon Portugal Sharing and colaboration between user groups - panel
9.May.2015 JPrime 2015, Sofia Bulgaria The core libraries you always wanted - Google Guava
9.May.2015 VoxxedDays Istanbul Reactive and Microservice Pitfalls
22.Nov.2014 JavaDay - JugMK Opening and closing statment
18.Nov.2014 Java2Days, Sofia Bulgaria From JavaSpaces, JINI and GigaSpaces to SpringBoot, Akka and meteor.js - reactive programming pitfalls
12.Nov.2014 Devoxx, Antwerpen Belgium Sparky guide to bug-free JavaScript
8.Oct.2014 Tricode Public Days Debugging Javascript using Chrome Developer Tools
8.Aplil.2014 Tricode Unix for developers - Intro
20.March.2014 Tricode Global State and Singletons
22.Dec.2013 JavaDay - JugMK State of the Lambda
Dec.2013 Java2Days, Sofia Bulgaria Modern workflows for JavaScript integration
12.April.2013 Netcetera Developer communites in MK
22.Feb.2013 JavaDay - JugMK Query DSL
22.Feb.2013 JavaDay - JugMK Premature optimization - is it normal?
12.Sep.2012 Connect '12 It is time for Yoda
08.Feb.2012 JugMK talks Cleaner code with Google Guava
21.Oct.2011 Ecplise Party Celebrating 10 years of Ecplise
21.Oct.2011 FINKI RoboMap - 3D mapper robot an overview
7.April.2011 FEIT Introduction to Java EE and JSP
18.Dec.2010 JavaDay - JugMK Opening and the new languages on the JVM
03.May.2010 RoboMac RoboMac - Opening keynote
20.Feb.2010 Semos Java Like a fresh morning coffiee - Java arrives @ Semos
23.Feb.2009 RoboMac RoboMac - Opening keynote