Mite Mitreski

About me

I'm Mite Mitreski agile software developer, architect, team leader, consultant and trainer. Passionately I organize Java User Group Macedonia (JugMK) events where I'm Jug Leader. My first book that I co-authored is called HTML 5 Data and Services Cookbook . I give trainings on Oracle Certified courses for Java EE/SE as well as customized training on related technologies as well as JavaScript. Often I speak on conferences and universities about topics I work with and find interesting. I keep my appearance at local software communities like hacklab KIKA and the Macedonian section of IEEE.

Speaking engagments

Date Event Title
22.Nov.2014 JavaDay - JugMK Opening and closing statment
18.Nov.2014 Java2Days, Sofia Bulgaria From JavaSpaces, JINI and GigaSpaces to SpringBoot, Akka and meteor.js - reactive programming pitfalls
12.Nov.2014 Devoxx, Antwerpen Belgium Sparky guide to bug-free JavaScript
8.Oct.2014 Tricode Public Days Debugging Javascript using Chrome Developer Tools
8.Aplil.2014 Tricode Unix for developers - Part 1
20.March.2014 Tricode Global State and Singletons
22.Dec.2013 JavaDay - JugMK State of the Lambda
Dec.2013 Java2Days, Sofia Bulgaria Modern workflows for JavaScript integration
12.Apilr.2013 Netcetera Developer communites in MK
22.Feb.2013 JavaDay - JugMK Query DSL
22.Feb.2013 JavaDay - JugMK Premature optimization - is it normal?
12.Sep.2012 Connect '12 It is time for Yoda
08.Feb.2012 JugMK talks Cleaner code with Google Guava
21.Oct.2011 Ecplise Party Celebrating 10 years of Ecplise
21.Oct.2011 FINKI RoboMap - 3D mapper robot an overview
7.April.2011 FEIT Introduction to Java EE and JSP
18.Dec.2010 JavaDay - JugMK Opening and the new languages on the JVM
03.May.2010 RoboMac RoboMac - Opening keynote
20.Feb.2010 Semos Java Like a fresh morning coffiee - Java arrives @ Semos
23.Feb.2009 RoboMac RoboMac - Opening keynote

Full CV and some notable projects list.